The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration launched an investigation into the death of a construction worker. He died in an apparent accident while working at a Carthage, Missouri construction location. It appears that the construction worker fell from a three-sided box that was positioned on the tracks of a tractor. He fell from a height of approximately 11 feet after which the box fell down, striking him on the head.

As an employee, you are entitled to numerous rights including the right to be paid and the right to be able to work in as safe an environment as possible. OSHA is the federal agency that is tasked with ensuring that all workers enjoy minimum standards of occupation safety and health procedures to minimize the risk to workers. If there are suspected violations, then OSHA launches investigations into the employer to determine if there were any infractions. Often times OSHA will investigate work-related deaths to ensure that all proper safety protocols were followed. If OSHA finds that there are deficient safety procedures or other issues, then it assesses how best to get the employer back into compliance to reduce future risk to workers.

If you believe that your safety is imperiled because your employer is lax in their safety oversight and procedures, then consider consulting with an experienced employment law attorney who may be able to help enforce your rights. You have a right to work in as safe an environment as possible. Just because it might save your boss a few dollars or some time does not mean that your safety should be put at risk. Speaking to an attorney may clarify your rights and help you decide on how best to move forward. Workplace safety is serious; don’t sacrifice your rights for the sake of your employer.

Source: The Joplin Globe, “OHSA investigating death at Carthage building site,” Susan Redden, Nov. 25, 2015