Some Missouri intersections seem to have more accidents than others. After a certain number of crashes, it would make sense for city, county and state officials to consider making changes to such an intersection in order to improve safety. One intersection in particular recently saw two deadly T-bone collisions within 10 days.

The first crash occurred on Nov. 13. Two men, both in their early twenties were killed when a car turning left crashed into their vehicle. The impact caused the victims’ vehicle to flip over and leave the roadway. The driver died at the scene, and his passenger died later at the hospital.

The second crash, which reports indicate was nearly identical to the first, took place 10 days later on Nov. 23. Another vehicle that was making the same left-hand turn as in the first accident struck that car. The car hit in the second wreck went down an embankment where it rolled over into a ravine.

However, this time, the 19-year-old passenger has so far survived. His last known condition was listed as being serious. The 22-year-old driver was ejected and died at the scene.

While it is true that the drivers believed responsible for these two T-bone collisions may be held liable for their contributions to the deaths and injuries, others may also bear some responsibility. If evidence indicates that the intersection itself was a contributing factor to these crashes, others may be held liable by a Missouri court. In addition to receiving monetary restitution for their financial losses, a successful lawsuit could cause the intersection to be made safer to prevent additional tragedies.

Source:, “Three Killed Within Ten Days After Second Fatal Crash In Sunset Hills“, Jaime Mowers, Nov. 24, 2015