Sexual harassment is an insidious action. It is designed to make an employee feel helpless to neutralize them as a threat and allow the harasser to take advantage. No matter what your attacker may say to you, you always have rights.

No one can silence you. The problem with sexual harassment lawsuits is that they deal in subjects that people would rather stay private. They often involve uncomfortable topics and situations that can re-traumatize the victim to remember and recount the events.

Sexual harassment lawsuits are complicated because they involve complex human interactions. Many times people will honestly misinterpret or misremember a particular situation such that you will remember it as traumatic but they will not.

The best thing you can do if confronted in this situation is to comply with your employer’s procedures. Do not remain silent. Speak to the person that made you uncomfortable. As stated above, sometimes people do not even realize they are being offensive, so something as easy as a conversation can resolve the matter.

If that does not work, speak to the next immediate supervisor about the situation. Be up front and honest about your feelings and the encounter. The faster and more honest you are at the beginning and the easier it is to establish your claims. You do not want to give your employer a reason to defend or doubt your claim.

Once you have done this then speaking to an experienced Missouri employment law attorney can clarify your position and determine your next best move. Depending upon how your report goes, it could involve filing a lawsuit or consulting with managers higher up the corporate ladder. You deserve to work in an environment in which you feel safe.