Perhaps you are familiar with the federal agencies and laws like ERISA, the Civil Rights Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act. All of these huge landmark laws reshaped the labor market. However, most of the laws impose broad guidelines that many states then choose to expand upon to tailor to their specific needs. In Missouri, this local expansion took the form of the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations. The Department of Labor is comprised of dozens of agencies, commissions, and boards that regulate all manner of labor law and relations.

Specifically, the Missouri Commission on Human Rights was formed to create, recommend and put into practice ways to prevent and eradicate discrimination in the workplace. The Commission also hears and resolves claims of discrimination through enforcement of the Missouri Human Rights Act. It also investigates discrimination complaints in employment and other matters. It allows you to file a complaint online and to monitor the progress remotely.

You may file with both federal and Missouri state agencies to ensure that your labor rights are protected. The Missouri Commission on Human Rights is just one of the many boards and commissions promulgated beneath the Missouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relations. You may wish to ask your attorney about all of your federal and state options to make sure that you take advantage of all the legal rights afforded you.

The vast majority of regulation that affects your day-to-day work life comes from state and local governments. Therefore, speaking to an attorney that is experienced in all Missouri employment law matters could help make sure that you do not rely on just the federal agencies for recourse or protection. Know that Missouri has its own set of agencies that enforce your rights as an employee. You deserve to utilize every available agency and legal right to ensure that your labor rights are respected.