The government gives employees the right to file a complaint against their employers. If they feel that their employers are not giving them a proper wage, overtime pay or denying their rights, they may file a lawsuit. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FSLA) protects the rights of employees and makes sure they receive proper benefits. If thousands of employees feel that their rights are being denied, they may opt to file a class action lawsuit against the employer. Class action lawsuits could be potentially worth millions of dollars.

Employers may violate labor laws in several different ways. In class action lawsuits, they must be violating the rights of every employee, not just a few individuals. Dealing with class action lawsuits is a lot more difficult for the employer. They could lose millions of dollars if their defense is unsuccessful. In most cases, workers just have to sign up for the class action lawsuit. The rest of the work is done by some influential employees and the team of lawyers. Class action lawsuits may be brought forward on the basis of state laws as well as federal laws. Employers have no right to violate either law and could face legal action if they do.

When filing for a class action, employees receive notices to potential class members who may choose to become part of the lawsuit. In most cases, the collective action is met with a settlement agreement by the employers. Payment of back wages and a particular sum of money is agreed. If the case goes to court and the employer does not win, it could result in millions of dollars in losses.

It is advisable to discuss the situation with an experienced attorney who can go through the case files and guide you through the process.