Minors often look for summer jobs to earn some extra money. Those who pay for their tuition may try to find work to earn enough money for when their semester starts. Others might be looking for some extra cash. There are specific laws in place to protect the rights of underage people who are often employed by small businesses. It makes sense for these businesses to hire minors because they bring a lot of energy and come at a lower wage than others.

Businesses must always enquire about the age of someone they are about to hire. The Fair Labor Standards Act, FSLA, has divided minors into two major categories; those aged 16 to 17, and those aged 14 to 15. There are more restrictions when hiring younger people. There are certain jobs that they cannot be asked to do, and their working hours must also be decided according to the FSLA. These laws are only applicable till they reach the age of 18, after which they have right like all other adults.

Minors aged 16 and 17 can be asked to work any number of hours during the week. There are no restrictions regarding the amount of time they have to work. But they must not perform any hazardous tasks which might be dangerous.

Businesses who hire minors aged 14 and 15, often face more restrictions. During school days, they can only work between 7 am and 7 pm. During summer holidays, they may work for 8 hours a day. These children may not perform any hazardous tasks and cannot be employed to do a manufacturing task.

If you are a minor and feel that your rights are being violated by your employer, it is advisable to contact an attorney. The attorney will let you know your rights and file a claim for you.