Fox News seems incapable of escaping the revolving door of sexual harassment allegations against prominent executives and personalities. Earlier last year it was the infamous Roger Ailes, head of Fox News. Then it was Megyn Kelly’s on-air feuding with Mr. Trump and members of his campaign. The latest stink of sexual harassment is now against Bill O’Reilly, arguably the most popular on-air personality on the Fox News network.

According to reports, in the weeks following Mr. Ailes ouster from the network, Fox News quietly settled a sexual harassment allegation against Mr. O’Reilly from a long-time broadcaster. The accuser, Juliet Huddy, claimed that he used his position of influence over her to pursue a sexual relationship. She claims that she rejected his advances several times, which ultimately resulted in him retaliating against her professionally.

She claims he tried to kiss her on occasion, and that he made “masturbation” noises on the phone when he called her. Several leaked documents report that she was paid a settlement in the high-six figures. The settlement had come a few weeks before a deal was reached with Gretchen Carlson, another T.V. personality who was harassed while at Fox News.

Unfortunately for Mr. O’Reilly, this is not the first accusation against him. In 2004, a former producer sued him for sexual harassment, claiming that he made sexual advances and lewd comments to her over the phone and during dinner conversation on multiple occasions. The allegations in the 2004 suit bear some similarities to the latest allegation.

If you believe you were a victim of harassment in the workplace, you may want to contact an attorney. A lawyer can go over your rights to pursue compensation and to force your employer to institute policies to ensure that you and no one else is ever a victim of harassment again.

Source: The New York Times, “Fox News Settled Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Bill O’Reilly, Documents Show,”  Emily Steel and Michael S. Schmidt