Unwanted advances from co-workers have occurred for a very long time, well before they were considered to be illegal. While sexual harassment is against the law in Missouri and everywhere else in our country, it is still prevalent in the workplace today. A long-time federal correspondent for an internet broadcast radio station and website-based news provider recently offered his insight on sexual harassment in the work environment.

He believes that even unwelcome sexual behavior on the job has been against the law for years, many men still don’t understand that what they are doing is wrong. Even smart, successful or religious men are guilty of this behavior. The majority of men are never caught or are seldom punished even if they are. The correspondent does not offer statistics to support if harassment happens more or less frequently now or where it occurs more. He simply acknowledges that the problem still exists.

He cites a government case in the U.S. Department of the Interior where an official was accused of touching six women and making inappropriate comments to them. Another situation involved the National Park Service and alleged patterns of sexual harassment. While not all cases are in the government, the correspondent reported that many of those accused get away with their behavior.

Discussing sexual harassment is a very sensitive issue, especially for victims of this unwanted behavior. Someone may be embarrassed or even fearful of repercussions if the harassment is brought to light. It would be beneficial for such victims to have experienced, understanding legal assistance to help them navigate the process. A legal team familiar with Missouri and federal employment law will fight to protect their clients’ rights.

Source: federalnewsradio.com, “Sexual harassment at the office: Lessons not learned“, Mike Causey, March 13, 2017