People are widely aware of incidents of racial and sexual discrimination. Fewer people understand that workers past a certain age can also face serious age discrimination. In fact, age discrimination is an incredibly common form of workplace discrimination.

It isn’t discrimination against young workers that is most common. Instead, it is discrimination against those who are over the age of 40. Just because your manager, boss or point of contact with the business is also over the age of 40 doesn’t mean you won’t face age-based discrimination. Age discrimination can take on several different forms.

One of the most common ways a company may discriminate against those who over the age of 40 is by refusing to hire them. Other times, coworkers could begin harassing you about your age or appearance by making jokes about you. Sometimes, older workers are intentionally passed over for raises, promotions and other benefits like special training, simply because of their age. If you have experienced discrimination by an employer or a company you applied to because of your age, you should speak with an experienced workplace discrimination and employment law attorney soon.

Older workers have a lot to offer employers

While you may only be a few decades or less away from retirement, that doesn’t mean you don’t have a lot to offer your employer. Many times, the experience and knowledge that you’ve accumulated since starting your career can make you invaluable to your employer.

Hands-on, real world experience is almost always more valuable than abstract book learning about a topic. Your experience could also make you a prime candidate for management positions, as you can understand how the work should be done thanks to your years of experience in the field.

If your employer fails to see how your experience can benefit the company, you could find yourself in a hostile work environment. Others could belittle you because of issues related to your aging, such as the need for corrective lenses. There could also be the assumption that you won’t work as hard or as fast as a younger worker. In cases of job applicants, the company may not want to hire and train someone who is within a certain number of years from retirement. These kinds of discrimination can cause irreparable damage to your career and professional reputation.

An attorney can help you fight age discrimination

If you were denied raises, new clients, better shifts or promotions because of your age, an attorney can help. If you believe that you were discriminated against during the hiring process in favor of a younger but less experienced worker, an attorney may be able to help then, too. The best way to determine what options you have is to reach out for legal guidance.

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