Company culture sets the tone for not only how employees and management conducts business but also how they hire and promote. While managers give motivational speeches to the ranks and talk about goal-oriented strategies, they often turn a blind eye to the exclusive and discriminatory environment that exists. While they have made strides to ensure hiring practices are within the bounds of the law, meeting diversity standards, other types of discrimination have begun to emerge.

Discrimination does not have to solely exist for gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. There are a multitude of factors that can generate discriminatory behavior. If you have suffered discrimination or harassment in the workplace, you might be able to take legal action. An experienced employment law attorney in the Kansas City area can help you pursue your case. Read further for more information about how corporate culture shapes discrimination in the workplace.


New companies have taken steps to make sure all the boxes are checked. They offer programs to bring more minorities into their particular industries. They offer benefits for same-sex partners and make sure their offices are accessible to those with disabilities. However, there are still certain non-performance related qualities that many management teams prefer over others that preserve a certain culture. Take, for example, the company that hires a manager with a university degree but no experience over the person with no degree but with 15 years of stellar management performance. Companies do this to meet a predetermined image that consists of intangible qualities.

Homogenous environment

When companies adhere to a prescribed culture, not only do they limit creativity and ideas, they also create a very “in-the-box” environment. By creating such an environment, companies actually open the door for discrimination and harassment for those that do not fit. Imagine being the only person over 40 in an office of 25-year-olds. It may start-off small at first, maybe an occasional comment, but eventually you might start to feel the effects of age discrimination or suffer harassment. Or perhaps you work in an office of singles that have not started a family yet, while you are married and have two children at home. You are continually passed over for promotions even though you have better performance reviews.

Alive and well

Even though there are laws in place to combat discrimination and harassment in the workplace, these things are still alive and well. If you have suffered from discrimination or harassment in the workplace, you might be able to take legal action. As an employee, you are entitled to certain rights. Let an attorney in the Kansas City area help you fight back against unlawful treatment in the workplace.

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