When people are suffering from a hernia, there are several treatment options available to them. The type of treatment that they opt for might be chosen because of the location of the hernia or because of the ease of treatment. It is important that all people considering treatment for a hernia look into all of the possible options.

A hernia is the consequence of a muscle weakness or a hole in the muscle in the body. When this weakness is present, it becomes possible for a fatty tissue or organ to squeeze through the hole. This can cause a bulge that may result in several complications.

How hernia mesh surgery treats the hernia

Patients with hernias may decide to wait and see if their hernia goes away on its own, or they might decide to have laparoscopic surgery or an open repair. If an open repair is chosen, the surgeon may suggest the use of a mesh in order to support weak tissue.

Surgical meshes can be absorbable or non-absorbable. Often they are made of animal tissue or synthetic tissue. While many hernia mesh implant surgeries are successful every year, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has determined that side effects of hernia mesh implants are very common.

What are the main side affects of hernia mesh implants?

It is common for patients to suffer from pain and infection after the operation. Hernia mesh products that are no longer available on the market have been shown to be defective, often leading to the recurrence of the hernia and can potentially cause bowel perforation.

Do I have a legal claim if I am experiencing hernia mesh complications?

There have been many instances of hernia mesh surgery patients taking out medical malpractice claims against their surgeons. This is because the surgery has the potential to create more issues and suffering, and they were given bad advice that adversely affected their bodies. It has often meant that they need additional surgeries to address the issue.

If you are suffering from complications of a hernia mesh implant in Missouri, it is important that you consider taking action so that you can be compensated for the damage you have suffered.