Dealing with a situation in which your child is being bullied at school can be an extremely upsetting experience. You will naturally want to do everything you can to protect your child from such negative and abusive behavior. However, you may feel slightly helpless because you will be unable to be present when these bullies approach your child during school hours.

In order to solve bullying issues at a school, you will need to work with the school’s teachers and administrators to get to the root of the problem. Most schools have processes in place to deal with bullying and abusive behavior. However, if you believe that the school is not taking your concerns seriously and the behavior persists, you may be unsure of which way to turn.

Can I take legal action to resolve the bullying situation?

If you believe that the teachers, administrators and staff in the school have not adequately dealt with your complaints of bullying, you may want to take legal action against the school. You may be successful if you can show how they failed and the impact that failure had on your child.

How can I be successful in a legal case against the school?

In an ideal situation, you will have records of all communication that you have had with school officials. If your complaints were clearly ignored or dismissed, you may be able to show the damages that took place due to this dismissal. For example, if you pushed for action for your child to be put in a different class than the bullies and this did not happen, you may be able to hold the school liable for injuries that your child suffered as a result.

If you are feeling helpless or distressed because of the way that your child is being treated at school, it is important that you do not suffer in silence. By considering legal action, you may be able to finally get the results that you and your family deserve.