A hernia is a relatively common condition in which tissue pushes through a weak part of a muscle. This can occur in many parts of the body, but they most commonly occur in the groin or in the stomach.

If you or a loved one has suffered a hernia, it is likely that surgery was involved in attempting to correct the issue. Usually, the hernia is repaired through the use of a surgical mesh. There are many complications associated with hernia mesh surgery, and many of these complications are considered to be unavoidable outcomes and part of the risk of surgery. However, other complications could be related to the fact that recalled hernia mesh products were used, and, therefore, legal action could be taken to gain compensation.

Why have hernia mesh products been recalled?

The Food and Drug Association (FDA) has received many reports of complications from some types of surgical mesh products. As a result, the FDA took action to recall mesh products that were evaluated as being high-risk. The types of complications that recalled hernia mesh products have been associated with include perforation and obstruction.

In addition, they have been associated with a higher recurrence of hernias when compared to hernia mesh products that are currently on the market. They have also been known to cause pain and infection.

What damages could I recoup after making a hernia mesh personal injury claim?

If you got a hernia mesh product that has been recalled, it is possible that you have experienced some of these negative effects. If you have suffered from pain, or if you have needed to undergo an additional surgery due to complications, you may want to make a claim. By making a claim, you can seek compensation for the medical bills that you had to pay, and you may be able to obtain damages for the pain and suffering caused.

It is a good idea to understand whether the surgical mesh used for your hernia has since been recalled. You should also make sure to be proactive if you wish you make a claim for compensation in Missouri.