Employee rights are designed to provide employees with certain rights and responsibilities in association with their employment. Employee rights are only useful if the rights are exercised by the employee and the employer. This becomes an issue when many employees are unaware of their employee rights or do not know how to find out information about their rights. This issue was recently addressed and impacts Kansas employees and their employers.

In December 2010, a proposed rule was presented by the National Labor Relations Board. The proposed rule stated a requirement for employers to post notices of employee rights. The purpose of the notice is to inform employees about their rights pursuant to the National Labor Relations Act.

This proposed rule also applies to labor organizations to the extent the labor organizations act as employers. The proposed rule applies to employers under the jurisdiction of the National Labor Relations act.

The background behind the proposed rule is that the National Labor Relations Board claims most employees do not know about the employee rights that are governed under the National Labor Relations Act. The posting requirement should increase employee knowledge and empower the employees to exercise their rights.

The posted rule has become final and will take effect on April 30, 2012. The final rule will apply to many private sector employees. The posting is required to be in a conspicuous area next to other, similar policy postings. The final rule includes the size and dimension requirements of the postings. The intended benefit of the final rule is to increase employer statutory compliance with employment issues.

Employees who may think that their rights have been violated but are unsure can discuss their situation with an attorney experienced in employment law cases. The employee may find that they have a claim against their employer.

Source: jobmouse, “Private-Sector Employers Required to Post Notice of Employee Rights as of April 30, 2012,” Anneline Waldman, March 6, 2012