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Computer software rejecting applicants based on age, race?

Technology has helped make our lives easier, especially in the workplace. Computers have become a staple in offices in Missouri and pretty much everywhere else across the world. Computers have the ability to analyze data in a matter of seconds when it once took a human being with their own opinions and beliefs several hours or even days to complete a similar task.

ACLU fights for fired Walmart employee with brain tumor

Walmart is one of the largest employers in the nation, which is why it is no surprise that they are often in the news. The company employs tens of thousands of people in Missouri and across the nation, and it usually does not have a hard time finding applicants, but it certainly does not mean that they can violate employee rights.

Employee harassment lawsuit reaches Kansas

Large companies often have multiple locations throughout the United States. Some of the locations are directly owned by the company and others are franchise locations. Either way, the actions of a company in one location can directly impact the locations in other states. This happened to a large company who was sued for employee harassment in another state, but the impact of the lawsuit can effect employment in Kansas.

Employee fails to prevail in wrongful termination suit

When an employee endures harassment and discrimination, the employee typically goes to the company's human resources department. Typically, the human resources department is trained to detect harassment and retaliation and can hopefully cure the issue and potentially prevent wrongful termination or a hostile workplace.

The customer is not always right when it comes to harassment

Waitresses and bartenders often deal with unruly customers. Some customers may drink too much and make inappropriate comments towards a female waitress. The patron may even hit on the waitress, offering their phone number, requesting that the waitress follow them home or even physically put their hands on her. While the waitress probably doesn't welcome the behavior, it is all part of the job, right? Wrong.

Employees claim sexual harassment in Missouri healthcare company

Many claims of sexual harassment involve an abuse of power between a male supervisor and a female subordinate. While this may be a typical claim, it is certainly not the only behavior that state and federal law protects employees from. Sexual harassment can occur between any combinations of individuals, whether you are discussing the management level or who the victim is and who the perpetrator of the harassment is.

Former Boeing employees fired for being too old, Part 2

In the previous post, we discussed the age discrimination claims that arose during an acquisition that involved the Boeing Company. The scenario arose from an acquisition of Kansas and Oklahoma-based Boeing departments, wherein the employees in these plants were all terminated and not all were rehired following the acquisition.

MoDOT Tries New Approach to Fight Rising Car Accident Rate

Missourians have new reason to be concerned about road safety. According to the Missouri Department of Transportation, Missouri road deaths are 14 percent higher than they were at the same time in 2011. The agency estimates this accounted for 58 more deaths in motor vehicle accidents so far this year.

Former Boeing employees fired for being too old, Part 1

Several years ago Boeing sold its operations that were located in Kansas and Oklahoma. When the business was sold, the acquiring company did not rehire all of the original employees who were previously employed by Boeing. The result was an age discrimination lawsuit against Boeing by those employees who were not rehired.