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Month: May 2013

We fight for victims’ full and fair recovery in employment law, harassment, sexual abuse and personal injury cases.

Sheriff's department settles lawsuit

A lawsuit filed by a Missouri deputy against the county sheriff, prosecutor and sheriff’s department has been dismissed after the parties agreed to settle outside of court for $145,000. In the employment discrimination lawsuit, the deputy accused the three named

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Gay rights bill advanced in Missouri Senate

In a 19-11 vote, the Senate in Missouri passed a bill making discrimination against gays and lesbians illegal. Democrat Jolie Justus, the first Missouri Senate member who publicly affirmed her homosexuality, had tried six time prior to get the bill

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Bill to change prevailing wage law stalls in Missouri

Missouri’s prevailing wage law sets the minimum wage rate that is required to be paid on all public works projects in the state. These include the construction of roads, bridges and government buildings paid out of state or local government

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Missouri worker protest spreads

In the week since it started at a South St. Louis Jimmy John’s restaurant, a local work stoppage has blossomed into a worker protest. No less than two-dozen fast-food eateries in the area now have workers who are participating in

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Wet Seal agrees to pay for race discrimination

Accused of firing black employees in favor of staffing the store with blonde haired, blue eyed workers, Wet Seal will pay $7.5 million for discrimination. According to the class action lawsuit that was filed against the retailer for employment discrimination,

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Pregnant employee required to clock out to use restroom

Any Missouri resident who has dealt with a difficult pregnancy understands that having a baby can be stressful. Now imagine if that stress is compounded by the unreasonable demands of an employer. That’s what allegedly happened to one woman who

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Teacher fired after mother's obituary

Missouri residents may be surprised to learn that the contents of a parent’s published obituary could lead to the loss of a job, but that is exactly what one woman says happened to her. The woman claims she was fired

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