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1 dead after 1 of Kansas City's drunk driving accidents

Car accidents occur every single day on Missouri roads. Some are more severe than others, but many of them end up in someone being injured. Some of the more serious car accidents include head-on collisions and drunk driving accidents. When both of those are combined, it can result in unfortunate fatalities.

No helmets often causes serious head injuries, death in Missouri

After such a long, drawn-out winter, it's time for warmer temperatures. This means that motorcyclists in Missouri will be removing their bikes from storage and preparing them for the road. Unfortunately, this also means that more accidents involving motorcycles are likely, often resulting in serious head injuries or even death for those who do not wear helmets.

10 people in the hospital after another Missouri truck accident

Stop lights and signs are established to direct traffic as safely and efficiently as possible. Regardless of to the size of the vehicle one is driving, failure to acknowledge traffic signs increases the chances of being involved in an accident. A recent truck accident in Missouri provided a good example of how running a stop sign can result in serious and sometimes fatal injuries.

Missouri drunk driving accidents -- 3 hurt, 1 seriously

From hit-and-run accidents to drunk driving accidents, motor vehicle collisions occur on Missouri roads every day. A woman from Jasper may be facing drunk driving charges, one count of felony vehicular assault and additional charges after one of Missouri's most recent drunk driving accidents. This car accident sent three people, including herself and her child, to the hospital for medical treatment.