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April 2015 Archives

Age discrimination alleged in lawsuit against Google

Missouri residents may be interested in a recent lawsuit filed against Google that alleges age discrimination. The plaintiff is a 60-year-old software engineer who applied for a position at the company. He possessed qualifications that led to a recruiter referring to him as a "great candidate." However, he was rejected for the job because the company considered him too old, according to filing.

Numerous near head-on or head-on collisions occur on 2-lane roads

Passing on a two-lane road is a risky maneuver. If drivers are not paying adequate attention to the flow of traffic in the oncoming lane, near head-on or head-on collisions are a distinct possibility. Drivers who fail to successfully pass on two-lane roads cause numerous crashes in Missouri each year.

Missouri government mulls employment legislation

A bill was introduced in Missouri's House on April 15 that would ban discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in housing, employment and public accommodations. House Bill 407 is similar to a Senate bill that passed out of committee recently, but both bills are seen as a long shot to gain approval. They face potential opposition from the Missouri Family Network and the state's chamber of commerce.

Truck accident on U.S. Hwy 54 kills 2

There is no way to predict the outcome of a chain reaction crash involving several vehicles. People in some cars may walk away uninjured, some may suffer various degrees of injuries and others may lose their lives. In a recent chain reaction truck accident on U.S. Highway 54 here in Missouri, two people lost their lives, others were injured and some were lucky enough not to suffer any injuries.

Transgender man sues former employer for discrimination

A loan company with an office in Missouri is facing a sex discrimination lawsuit from a transgender man. The Mississippi-based company, First Tower Loan LLC, has been accused of forcing a 21-year-old transgender man to leave his job at the company by requiring him to dress and act like a woman. The case is being supported by the National Center for Lesbian Rights and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Bill may impeded workers' ability to sue for discrimination

The Missouri House passed a bill on April 9 tightening restrictions around employment discrimination lawsuits and protection of whistleblowers. Workers in Missouri must demonstrate that discrimination was a contributing factor in how they were treated at work, but the bill proposes that the standard be changed to a motivating factor. The bill also narrows the definition of and requirements for a whistleblower and limits the ability of whistleblowers to sue for discrimination.

5 employees reach settlement with Missouri county

St. Charles County announced on April 3 that it agreed to settle with former and current employees who filed a lawsuit claiming unfair treatment by the county's elections director. Although he agreed to the settlement, the director continued to deny the accusations and claimed that he was not involved in any wrongdoing.

A misdiagnosis can have serious or deadly consequences

Missouri patients rely on doctors to take the time to correctly diagnose their conditions quickly so that they may be treated and, hopefully, cured before an illness or injury becomes more serious -- or even deadly. A misdiagnosis early in the process could also preclude the use of less invasive treatments, which may mean that a patient's treatment options become more limited. More importantly, the patient could end up permanently disabled or dead due to a doctor's error.

Hit-and-run accidents can complicate investigations

When an accident occurs, Missouri law enforcement officials hope to glean as much evidence as they can from the scene. This includes making preliminary judgments regarding whether any driver involved was impaired or somehow distracted at the time of the crash. This task is more complicated in hit-and-run accidents