Many employees in Missouri know how distressing it can be to lose your job. Having to look for a new position while also dealing with lost wages and the sudden change of circumstances in the meantime can put a huge strain on you and your family. This can all be amplified if you were unfairly dismissed as you may also have the stress of responding to this mistreatment and seeking a fair resolution to the situation.

It can be tempting to react aggressively to the news of your dismissal, but this could count against you in the long run. However, there are several things you can do to help your case if you decide to take legal action against your employer. If you take the time to collect as much relevant information as possible, you could significantly strengthen your case. However, it is important to be aware of the statute of limitations so you do not miss your chance.

Some of the things you can do, as this article on wrongful termination explains, include the following:

  • Review your employment contract so you are fully acquainted with its terms.
  • Look over your personnel file.
  • Ask for details of why you were fired and who was responsible for the decision.
  • Collate information regarding any promises your employer may have made.
  • Request written confirmation of all terms and details of your termination.

An attorney can advise you about any further steps you can take and any other information that could be helpful. Do not be dissuaded from standing up for your rights as you deserve to be treated fairly. With the right support and guidance you can challenge your employer’s decision, seek compensation and maybe even get your position reinstated.