Most employees worry about their annual performance evaluation because they feel they have no control over what decision will be made. The top management discusses the performance of each employee and critically analyzes it. Although you might feel that you have no power to change the outcome of your performance evaluation, there are several things you can do to affect your evaluation.

It is important to understand that performance evaluations take place annually and on a set date. You should try to make sure your evaluation goes ahead as planned. Any delays in your evaluation could lead to problems for you. Furthermore, evaluation meetings all have a specific purpose. You should ask your employer to share the purpose of the meeting beforehand, so you are well prepared. If you feel that your employer is discriminating against you during the evaluation meeting, you can file a complaint.

Performance evaluations can have a huge impact on your future. You might want to ask for specifics in case you get negative feedback from your superiors. Asking for specific examples might make it difficult for them to explain their point of view. You should also analyze your evaluators to ensure they are treating you fairly. If you feel they are negligent, you have the right to take the case to court.

Performance evaluations can be complicated, it may be helpful to have an employment attorney by your side to explain your rights. The attorney can help you prepare and file a complaint if things do not go as planned.