In the state of Missouri, it is illegal for people to be discriminated against at work because of their gender, or because of their gender identity. However, just because there are laws in place does not mean there are not problems that arise due to gender discrimination. It is, in fact, a huge problem here and across the United States. It is important that those affected know they can take action and stand up for their rights.

Gender and gender identity should have no affect on people’s ability to get a job and carry out their duties in peace at work. Sadly, there is no shortage of work situations where people are harassed, passed over, fired, mistreated or otherwise denied equal treatment because of these factors.

What is the definition of gender and sex discrimination?

Federal law states that both women and men should be treated equally, regardless of their gender or sex. This means that any preferential treatment based on gender rather than on talent or workplace results is against the law.

How can gender discrimination be proven in the workplace?

Sometimes gender discrimination can be difficult to prove. Therefore, it is important that victims collect as much information as possible to show what is going on.

It can be possible to show that gender discrimination is taking place through the documentation of promotions and eligible workers. If it can be shown that one gender is consistently promoted when there are many other equally qualified workers of other genders, this could be enough to prove discrimination.

In addition, witnesses to a conversation that took place where you believe discriminatory remarks were made can be valuable. The more witnesses, the better chance you have of convincing the courts that gender discrimination took place.

Gender discrimination laws apply to all people. Therefore, these laws extend to trans people and those who identify as a gender other than what they may be perceived to be. If you believe that you have been a victim of gender discrimination in Missouri, it is important that you take swift action.