When suffering from type 2 diabetes, you will likely depend on medication to get you through the day. In regard to many of these medications, although you might notice side effects, you probably consider the drugs harmless, and do not worry about the possible effects that they could have on your body.

However, the Food and Drug Administration announced in May 2017 that based on extensive tests and studies, the diabetes drug Invokana actively causes an increased risk of foot and leg amputations. For patients who have been using this drug for years, it can be a shocking discovery.

Moreover, for type 2 diabetes sufferers who have suffered amputations during their illness, it is likely to be an upsetting discovery that suggests that their medication could have been to blame for their life changing amputation.

What can I do if I believe that Invokana use caused my amputation?

If you have suffered a foot or leg amputation as an Invokana user, your medical provider may be able to provide information to suggest that your Invokana use may have been the primary cause. If this is the case, it is likely that you will be able to pursue a medical malpractice lawsuit against the drug manufacturer, or against the doctor who determined it would be safe to prescribe you Invokana.

What other dangers does the drug Invokana have for patients?

Invokana also carries with it many other health warnings. In 2015, it was suggested that there was a strong link with prolonged Invokana use and kidney damage. This effect has been linked to impaired kidney function, kidney stones, dehydration and ketoacidosis among Invokana users.

What responsibilities does my doctor have to keep me safe from these drugs?

It is important that doctors assess the risk factors for each patient. There are factors that can predispose patients to needing amputations. Therefore, doctors must do what they can to keep their patients safe from the adverse affects of Invokana. If they do not exercise competence in this, they may be considered negligent in a lawsuit.

If you have suffered adverse affects from Invokana in Missouri, it is a good idea to take action and understand your rights.