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Dealing with sexual harassment at the workplace

Most harassment victims feel powerless and find it difficult to protect themselves. The victims are often told that they must accept the situation and tolerate it. Sexual harassment at the workplace is a complicated issue. In some cases, employees might fear losing their job, which is why they stay quiet. If you are a victim of sexual harassment at the workplace, there are several steps you can take to protect yourself.

Gretchen Carlson of Fox News files harassment suit

This story illustrates that no matter how powerful or influential you may be, it is still possible for someone else to think they can assault or sexually harass you. Gretchen Carlson of Fox and Friends and the Real Story with Gretchen Carlson was unable to renew her contract that ended in June 2016. She then abruptly went off the air.

Study finds that one in three women have been sexually assaulted

Sexual harassment is far more insidious than you may initially think. Harassment is difficult because it is hard to define, which makes it easy for some people to overstep boundaries. Much of it depends upon the nature of the relationship between among employees. What may be inappropriate to one person is not to another, which is why standard policies are difficult to enforce. But this does not mean that sexual harassment does not occur or isn't a big problem. This post will go over a recent study that explored the nature of the problem.

Debunking myths about sexual harassment, pt. 2

Sexual harassment is a difficult problem to tackle because it involves complex human interactions that are difficult to break down and analyze after the fact. There are numerous factors that contribute to male and female interactions. As discussed in a prior article, there are several myths surrounding sexual harassment. This article will round out that list.

The basics of Missouri sexual harassment laws

Missouri, like the federal government, prohibits sexual harassment in the workplace. Missouri encapsulates its anti-harassment laws in the Missouri Human Rights Act. The Missouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relations enforces all the terms of the MHRA, including sexual harassment. The MHRA is a broadly drafted law that: lays out who is bound by its provisions, the prohibited conduct and potential penalties to both violators and employers. This article will briefly explore the MHRA and how it may apply to you.

Debunking myths about sexual harassment pt. 1

In spite of the focus that has been placed on the issue of sexual harassment in recent years, it is a topic that still generates a number of myths. For example, there is a belief that sexual harassment is merely flirting and as such does not need to be taken too seriously. But flirting is a consensual reciprocal action between two people. If only one person is engaging then it isn't flirting, it is merely an uncomfortable conversation. However, if attempts at flirtation are repeated and unwanted, then this could constitute sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment by the numbers

Everyone can generally recognize sexual harassment in the workplace. There are some gray areas such as borderline jokes or casual conversations while at work. It is easy to cross the line however these intuitions do not mean much without some hard numbers to really understand the scope of the problem. Is it really as prevalent as the media says it is? Is it overblown? This article hopes to shed some light on this sensitive topic.

Missouri legislature tackles sexual harassment policy

Voters like to imagine that elected leaders are held to a higher standard. However, Missouri residents were awoken to yet another sexual scandal except this one was close to home. As you may be aware, the former Speaker of the House resigned several months ago. The resignation came after the former speaker admitted that he exchanged texts of a sexual nature with an intern who worked at the Capitol.

Is sexual harassment discriminatory?

It is a sad fact that many workers throughout Missouri endure mistreatment at work or other unacceptable working conditions. Furthermore, many do not realize that they have the right to stand up for themselves and challenge this unfair treatment. Others feel too intimidated or distressed and are unsure how the matter can be resolved in their favor.