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June 2014 Archives

Failure to diagnose properly and timely leads to man's death

When a Missouri individual is feeling ill, it can be a very worrisome time. It gets worse when a person visits the doctor and undergoes several tests only to be sent home with no answers. This is what happened to a man in another state whose family has stated that a physician's failure to diagnose led to his death. Now, the physician and hospital are both facing a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Mother is dead after 1 of Missouri's drunk driving accidents

Any accident can be frightening for those involved as well as their family members. Drunk driving accidents in Missouri are probably some of the worst when it comes to injuries. One such accident recently resulted in the death of a mother and minor injuries for her son.

Failure to diagnose leads to issues for patient

Missouri residents may be interested in hearing about a case in another state where a physician and nurse are both facing a medical malpractice lawsuit. The lawsuit comes after an alleged failure to diagnose and properly treat a patient following a surgery. A man was seen by the defendants late in May 2013. He was having trouble maintaining proper balance.

Missouri's motorcycle accidents: Another fatality in Columbia

Sadly, motorcycle accidents are often deadly. Despite what many may believe, this can be true even when the motorcyclist takes proper safety measures while riding, including wearing a helmet. One of Missouri's most recent motorcycle accidents resulted in the biker's death.