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Wheelchair assistance service ordered to fix harassment procedures

Most news reports about sexual harassment seem to be written about a woman who was harassed. While many instances do involve women, it is important to remember that sexual harassment occurs in both directions, and both genders are protected under the law from the unwanted behavior.

Anti-discrimination law may impact Missouri's employees

When laws are passed, the impact can significantly change the reality for those impacted by the new law. Laws generally create limits or boundaries that prevent people from acting in a certain manner. Although this may sound limiting, the flipside is that the limits or boundaries can also open possibilities for those that the law protects. The passage of laws can also make a statement by reflecting the ideals of a community. So when a city in Missouri passed an anti-discrimination law, it has the potential to create a significant impact.

Missouri company used racial profiling to discriminate

Racial profiling is use of an individual's background, as related to ethnicity, religion or race, as a deciding factor in the individual's character or abilities. Racial profiling is most recognized in criminal proceedings, but is also present in the area of employment. A Missouri company has been charged with racial profiling and charged with employee discrimination.

Can being overweight lead to workplace discrimination?

Everyone has personal biases and these biases can shape how we view or interpret others. Since everyone has personal biases, can people be held liable for their biases? When personal biases are present in a working environment and affect one's employment, someone's personal biases could create an unlivable work environment. A college professor recently conducted a study on the subject of obesity and its impact in a workplace. The results could impact employment in Kansas and Missouri.

St. Louis restaurant employee groped by supervisor settles for $23,000

Working in a restaurant can be a stressful job. Working in a restaurant often means working busy hours and very late shifts. Not only do they have to deal with everything that can go wrong in the back of the house, but ensuring that the "customer is always right" requires some finesse. Restaurant employees have to put up with a lot of things, but sexual harassment should never be one of them.

Tennis coach reaches $710,000 settlement after termination

In 2010, the head coach for the women's Ball State tennis team was terminated. She had coached the team for just under 21 years before allegations were made that she had committed NCAA rules violations. The school claimed in 2009 that she committed six "major" infractions, which they voluntarily reported to the NCAA. These accusations acted as the basis for the school's decision to fire the tennis coach.

Nurse claims wrongful termination following disparaging remarks

Employees are entitled to their opinion regarding their employer...within certain limitation. Aside from the legal limitations regarding freedom of speech, contrary statements by employees that are made against an employer often have unfavorable consequences for the employee. An employee in Missouri and Kansas that has been terminated for statements made against their employer may be entitled to a wrongful termination claim.

Summer Pool Accidents and Liability Concerns

The start of summer is a very exciting time for kids and adults and with scorching heat waves bombarding Missouri; the pool is the place to be. Swimming pools are great places to relax and have fun with friends. However, homeowners need to take safety precautions to prevent pool injuries and potential safety hazards.

Ann Curry asked to leave 'Today' show as ratings drop

The "Today" show has aired in millions of homes as viewers kept the show holding the top spot for a series of 16 years. This is no small feat, but the long-time success was quickly forgotten as the ratings recently started to drop and "Good Morning America" took its place. In fact, Ann Curry was the one who took the hit when the producers asked her to step down.