Car, truck and auto accidents that involve rollovers often result in serious injuries to drivers and passengers in those vehicles. Some vehicles — like SUVs and vans — are more likely to roll over than others, since they are top-heavy and have low centers of gravity. Vehicle manufacturers may fail to institute proper safety features to keep occupants safe.

If you were injured in an SUV, truck or auto rollover accident, it is critical to speak with an attorney who can maximize the value of your full and fair compensation.

At Holman Schiavone, LLC, in Kansas City, our experienced personal injury lawyers provide representation for rollover accidents that have resulted in catastrophic injuries, as well as wrongful death representation for family members of fatal accident victims. We will help you and your loved ones review your options and all avenues for getting the benefits you deserve, allowing you to make informed decisions throughout the legal process but also focus on healing rather than legal burdens and complexities.

Maximizing Your Rollover Accident Recovery

It is important to investigate these types of accidents immediately, while all the evidence is still available. Causes of rollover accidents may include another driver’s reckless actions, defective or dangerous road conditions, or defective auto parts such as tires, brakes, axles or steering columns. We can hold accountable other drivers, government agencies or vehicle manufacturers for your serious and life-altering injuries.

Rollover accidents may result in the following kinds of injuries:

Medical treatment for these injuries is often extensive and costly. You and your family need a law firm that is dedicated to helping people who are severely injured or suffering from the wrongful death of a loved one in rollover accidents.

Speak With Us About Your Legal Rights

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