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Were you hit by a driver who was on a cellphone? Too many drivers take their focus off of the road and vehicles surrounding them to view a text, respond to a message or share a media file on their cellphones and other electronic devices — often to the detriment of innocent drivers who were abiding by traffic laws.

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Distracted Driving Can Cause Serious Accidents

Many states have enacted laws banning handheld cellphone use or texting while driving to cut down on the frequency and severity of accidents caused by distracted driving. In fact, Missouri bans all drivers under the age of 21 from texting while driving, and Kansas bans drivers of all ages from texting while driving. Unfortunately, many people are either unaware of the law or refuse to abide by it and, in a single moment when their eyes are pulled from the road, severe accidents can occur.

Texting while driving — downloading images, viewing media files, and viewing, composing or sending a text message, etc. — can lead to the following types of scenarios:

  • A driver fails to notice a change in traffic flow, resulting in a rear-end collision.
  • A driver fails to recognize a green light has turned red, causing a t-bone accident.
  • A driver makes a careless lane change, side-swiping another vehicle.
  • A driver runs over a passenger in a crosswalk.

Accidents involving distracted driving can cause victims to suffer serious injuries, such as fractures, neck and back injuries, head injuries and other serious injuries. These car accident injuries can leave victims with considerable medical expenses and lost wages during the recovery process. Our car accident attorneys help clients ensure they receive proper medical treatment and recover the full compensation they need and deserve following serious auto accidents.

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