With the size, weight and speed at which 18-wheelers and other large commercial trucks travel, it is important that every safety feature function properly when the vehicle is on the road. Otherwise, the vehicle can be a hazard for the truck driver and for any other drivers or passengers on the road.

When truck accident victims or their families come to our firm, our attorneys thoroughly investigate the crash to determine accident cause and avenues of liability. An integral component of our investigation is identifying if faulty brakes, negligent brake maintenance or repair or other brake issues may have caused or contributed to the truck accident.

Factors we examine may include:

  • Were brake maintenance logs completed accurately?
  • Were federal truck maintenance regulations followed?
  • Were reckless or shoddy brake repairs performed?
  • Were brake pads checked and replaced as needed?
  • Did the truck manufacturer or distributor supply a truck with defective brakes?

We Pursue Your Personalized Legal Strategy While You Are Able to Focus on Recovery

At Holman Schiavone, LLC, we understand that for many people who are dealing with the aftermath of a serious or fatal truck accident, factors such as defective brakes or improper maintenance may seem insignificant. At the forefront of many of their minds is how to confront the physical limitations of their injuries or how to face the reality that a loved one is never coming home.

It is our job as personal injury lawyers to handle your legal burdens, so that you can recover from your physical and emotional challenges. We find answers about the accident and who is responsible for your suffering. Then, we aggressively pursue the full compensation our clients deserve.

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